A full set of hardware and software data recovery solutions. Drawing from a vast cross-platform knowledge base.

Secure deletion of sensitive files and data. Our data erasure methods are so secure that even we could not recover files after our data erasure processes.

We can help to advise you on who you can contact for Digital Evidence Gathering Solutions. Contact us for more information.

In order to prevent future data loss, we can arrange for your business servers to remotely connect to our network in order to make a full back up of all your critical files. Our servers then securely store that backup of your important business data.

If a data loss does occur, we then upload to you your most recent backup. So you can be up and running again with your data straight away. This can be done as often as you wish, but companies usually choose to send a backup request monthly, weekly or daily.

We offer competitive rates for all computer upgrades and repairs servicing everything from single user PC's up to multi-user corporate clusters. Hardware and software.

Tailored to meet your requirements; we can implement your new cable/wireless network, or upgrade your existing network infrastructure as your organisation expands. Microsoft, Mac, UNIX and NetWare platforms all catered for.

Full after sales and technical support is always available. If you have any questions or enquiries please feel free to contact an advisor who will be happy to assist you.

Before you send your media to us, please download our REPAIR FORM