We will not charge a fee for evaluating the condition and recoverability of your data. This includes a complete written file listing report and a guaranteed price quote for the actual recovery of your data. If we cannot retrieve the data you will not owe us anything - and we will return your hard drive in its original condition.

Our prices are based on how much work will need to be performed, the nature of the data loss and expertise required to solve each particular job.

Our personalized approach allows you to choose to recover only files that are important to you at a price that is more competitive than anyone in the industry today. Payments of approved quotations are due in full, when your data is recovered.

We must have payment secured before we return the recovered data to you. Your data may be covered against loss, like any other piece of equipment at your office, which you might be insured against.

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Hard Disks

690 Skr - 990 Skr
Non-mechanical failure.
Hard disk is working 100%, but data is missing.
Software Corruption only, format problems and deleted files.

Hard Disks

1350 Skr - 3 990 Skr
Light media damage – with light internal damage.
Read Errors and Hardware Failure to the disk.
Head Assembly Malfunctions, Media Failure or Firmware Zone corruption.
Severe Physical Media Damage.
Severe Head Crash – with Internal Mechanical Failure.
Disk has been left running with heads scraping media for long periods.

Before you send your media to us, please download our form » DOWNLOAD


RAID 0 - 5 Arrays.... 2 350 Skr/disk

Floppy Disket.... 395 Skr/disk

Zip Disk.... 1 250 Skr/disk

All Tapes.... 2 250 Skr/band

Mobile Phone/Sim Card.... 890 Skr/sim

Pictures from digital cameras and digital media.... 495 Skr - 1350 Skr

CD/DVD/MiniDisc/MicroDrive HD DVD/BluRay.... 950 Skr/disk

Email: (Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange etc).... 495 Skr - 1 850 Skr

Backup and archive files: (MSBackup,RAR, ZIP.).... 950 Skr

MS Office File Recovery: (Word, Excel, Access.).... 950 Skr

Database Recovery: (Paradox, Foxpro etc).... 1 850 Skr

Password recovery.... 1 250 Skr

We accept the following methods of payment: Money Order, Cash, Electronic Bank Transfer, PAYPAL, Swish, Personal and Business Cheques.

Quoted time periods do not include weekends or shipping times. Prices valid from 12th May 2017 and are subject to change without notice.

(20% off for Home PC or Non-business users).
Prices do not include MOMS or cost of backup media.
All prices are in Swedish Krona.